Here is another quick and easy recipe for a rice bowl. I discovered this is just the perfect meal for me and my husband now that our girls are in college. Not only is it easy to throw together but also just the right portion for us. This is also a neat way in serving bangsilog (Bangus + sinangag + itlog). This is the Filipino fare of fried fish, garlic rice and fried egg.

I have been loving the frozen bangus belly lately that I make sure I always have a pack stowed away in the freezer. This time around I made it into daing which is the Filipino way of marinating fish in vinegar, garlic and spices before frying or in my case broiling.

To make, prepare your bangus belly by cutting it in half then marinating in 1 tbsp white vinegar, 1 tbsp soy sauce, and sprinkling some garlic powder and salt and pepper on both sides of the fish. Let this stand for at least 30 minutes in the fridge. Note: this recipe is for just 1 piece of bangus belly, you may adjust amount of seasoning depending on how many you use.

Turn on your broiler and line a sheet pan with heavy duty foil and spray with a little cooking oil. Lay your bangus belly skin side down and place under broiler. Broil your bangus till brown and crisp on both sides. Don’t forget to turn it halfway through cooking. Make sure to watch it because it does not take too long to cook.

To serve, get a medium size bowl and place some brown rice at the bottom. Then place some salad greens or whatever leafy greens you have. Add some avocado slices then your broiled bangus belly and finally top it off with a fried egg.