Can’t believe it’s been five years since I started this blog. The idea came came from the urging and encouragement of friends. They have seen the bento creations which I make for my girls and have been posting on facebook . It still took me a couple of years to muster the courage to eventually write my first blog post.

To date I have made 323 entries since I started March 2, 2014. This has evolved to just posting my bento creations to documenting and writing recipes that I have learned from my mom, grandma (Lola) and aunts. It has also allowed me to be more open and creative in making new dishes. This has also been very useful for my college girls who started to learn and love cooking. It has become their tool and resource when they want to make something that I cook for them at home. It also made the task of documenting our family recipes easier. This is something that I started to do way back 2010 using a journal. This blog has now become a lasting legacy I can leave my girls behind.


To celebrate this 5th Anniversary, I made Green Tea Honey Toast !

Honey Toast is nothing new, it made it’s appearance around early 2000 and is a popular treat served in cafes or coffee shops in Japan, Korea and Taiwan. It is now very much present in other Asian countries as well. It’s a dessert made of thick cut toast, piled high with ice cream, fruits, cookies, candies and syrups. The combination of flavors and textures from the garnishes is what makes it fun to eat.

You don’t need an architectural degree to come up with your own towering creation. Be playful and imaginative coming up with your own flavor combinations. The more decadent the better !


IMG_6209 2