Dorayaki is a sweet red bean-filled snack sandwiched between 2 small pancakes. It’s a traditional Japanese snack that dates back to the Edo period. I won’t bore you with it’s history and beginnings, but if you want to know more you can read it here.

I made this using the Japanese Morinaga hotcake mix and a can of ogura-an (smashed sweetened red bean). To make prepare the pancakes using the package directions. For tips and how-to, here is the link to the Japanese hotcakes I made in a previous blog post. I made my pancakes much smaller just like making silver dollar pancakes. Give the pancakes enough time to cool.



Once it’s cool take a pancake and place a scoop of red bean filling cover with another pancake. Make sure that the filling does not spill out too much on the edges. Wrap it with cling wrap to help keep it’s shape. Unwrap before serving.


IMG_9083 2