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Eat Out

A Salt & Battery

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It’s very hard to find a good fish and chip shop in the US. I’m not talking about the one’s you get at chain restaurants but authentic British fish and chips. I heard lots of good things about “A Salt & Battery” after doing research. We just never have gotten around to try out the place.


We had the opportunity to do so today, albeit unplanned. We were just strolling down West Village in New York City when we happen to pass by it. The restaurant is real small once you go inside. You place your order at the register then they will call you once your food is ready. We ordered a regular size fish (cod) and chips which came with their homemade tartar sauce. The food lived up to our expectations. The fish was crisp outside and tasted real fresh and the chips were good too. I’ll try their battered bangers (sausage) next time and maybe some of their homemade pie (steak and ale) too !