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Eat Out

Nadai Fujisoba

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Nadai Fujisoba is a Japanese franchise that specializes in soba and udon. They opened their first restaurant in Shibuya in 1966 and then opened their first international location in Taiwan in 2014. They have further expanded and has made their their way to the Philippines in 2015 and currently has 5 branches in the country.


I got to eat at their SM Aura location during my short trip to the Philippines. We were there for lunch with my sisters, nephews and niece. I was excited to try out this restaurant since it’s a welcome change being a ramen fan. I think my daughter would love this place since she has always preferred soba or udon to ramen. They serve hot/cold soba and udon, donburi rice bowls, and tempura.



These were our selections:


I chose Yasai Kakiage Ten Tama Soba – soba noodles with mixed vegetable tempura, soft boiled eggs, onion leeks and wakame seaweed. You have an option for your tempura to be served on the side if you don’t want it to get soggy since they usually put this in on top of your soba.


Karaage Soba was my nephew’s choice it’s soba with Japanese fried chicken, leeks and wakame seaweed.


Ebiten soba is soba with two pieces of prawn tempura, leeks and wakame seaweed.


Ebi Tendon is prawn tempura served with a sweet ten tsuyu sauce over rice.


Mori Soba was my only niece selection its cold soba with dipping sauce.


My sister got Currydon which is curry sauce with pickles over rice.


We also got two side orders of potato croquettes.

The food was exceptionally good. The broth not overly salty compared to those I have had before. It is very light and would not make you feel bloated like what happens when you have ramen. I hope they would open a franchise in North America soon.