My family are such foodies, they know what is new and the best places to eat. My sister took us to Tuan Tuan, the first Chinese Brasserie in the Philippines. They serve Hong Kong style comfort food with a French flair.

We already had a big lunch and was looking for a place to have dessert and this place just fits the bill. The restaurant features The Dessert Kitchen which has an extensive selection of decadent and gorgeous treats.

IMG_8765 2

My nephews and niece chose these parfaits.


Mango Fever is ice cream with rice pops, pistachio crust, peanuts and mango.


Black Temptation is ice cream with cocoa crisp, oreo and chocolate pearls.


Romantic Valentine is ice cream with corn flakes, peanuts, strawberry and pistachio crust.

My two sisters and I shared these two desserts.


Taste of Uji is green tea ice cream with mini rice balls, red beans and warabi mochi.


Chilled Mango Sago with Pomelo.

Their desserts looks very decadent bit they are actually very light and not cloyingly sweet. I really loved not only how they are presented but how they taste as well.

My sister also let me try their signature dish barbecued pork snow bun and crispy minced duck snow bun. These are very popular and would understand why as this was just excellent. Its has a light and crisp exterior and such wonderful savory filling.




The place is also nicely appointed. It has a very chic but at the same time cozy feel to it. One of the nicest restaurant I have been to.





I just learned that there is a The Dessert Kitchen located in NYC but from the photos on yelp, they don’t even come close to the one I’ve been to in terms of ambiance and food prep/presentation.