I have been making onigiri for my daughter’s bento lunches for a time now. This time around I decided to make the filled and nori wrapped onigiri. Traditional onigiri, are usually filled with umeboshi, salmon or tuna.

This onigiri is what you may call fusion food as I filled my onigiri with Adobo, a Filipino pork dish. I believe that you can be creative in making onigiri and put whatever you want or have on hand.

Onigiri is simple enough to make, you just need cooked white rice, nori sheets and your preferred filling. You can make this by hand or by using a rice mold like I did. First, dampen your rice mold with a bit of water so that the rice would not stick when you unmold it. Fill it halfway with rice and put an indent in the middle with your thumb. Place your filling and top with additional rice.



Place the other half of the mold and apply gentle pressure. Remove cover and unmold the rice. Take half of a nori sheet and place your onigiri in the center. Wrap your onigiri by pulling the nori sheet up on both sides and folding the corners up and over it. You may dampen the nori sheet to seal and create a neat and smooth finish.