I miss creating bento lunches. I used to make it for my girls before they went to college. I make themed ones during holidays and special occasions. It’s during Halloween that I get really creative.

This year I decided to make Jack Skellington onigiri because it has just the right amount of scary and cute.

It’s fairly simple to make. Just prepare onigiri by making rice balls using a plastic wrap. Then cut out the facial features using some nori (seaweed). If you have a nori punch, it makes it a lot easier and faster to create those details. For the pumpkin onigiri, I wrapped the rice balls with a sheet of egg crepe before adding decorations. Again I used plastic wrap to mold the egg on the rice and create a perfectly smooth surface.

For this bento, I added hot dogs cut at a bias, some coconut shrimp, cherry tomatoes, strawberries and some greens for color.