I must admit this is the first time I made “Inari Sushi”. I was just browsing the web looking for bento ideas when I chanced upon this. Inari Sushi are rice in tofu pockets. Since my family loves anything tofu, I just got to give this a try.

It is said that this sushi is named after the Shinto god “Inari” who loves fried tofu. For this recipe you will need seasoned fried tofu pouches, cooked rice and rice seasoning mix. You can make the tofu pouches yourself or just buy it pre-made. There are two kinds of tofu pouches that is available in the market. The most common is the canned variety which you can find in the vegetable aisle of any Asian store. Then there is the plastic packaged ones found in the refrigerator section. Some brands include seasoning packets for the rice.

DSC05375 (1)
Two kind of seasoned tofu pockets and rice seasoning mix

DSC05395 (1)
The tofu pockets I choose to make this sushi came with its own rice seasoning mix.

To assemble, mix rice with seasoning. If you don’t have the rice seasoning you can add various finely minced seasoned vegetables like mushrooms, carrots, celery and sesame seeds. Shape rice into small oblong shapes. Stuff the rice balls into the tofu pouches. Be careful as you do this as not to tear the tofu skins. Arrange in a platter and serve with dipping sauce of soy and wasabi paste.

This maybe an alternative for those who do not like to eat raw fish in traditional sushi and for vegetarians.

My Inari sushi