This is my second Halloween themed bento for this month. I made a pumpkin and mummy onigiri. As I have mentioned before, getting the right ingredient to color your rice is the most challenging part in creating a character bento. I recently discovered “decofuri” which made this task a lot easier . Decofuri is a rice seasoning mix which adds color to your rice. The packet comes with 6 different hues: orange, blue, red, green, pink and yellow.



To make the pumpkin onigiri I just added the orange decofuri to some warm white rice. You can add more or less depending on how deep a color you want to achieve. For best results make sure you use warm rice before adding your decofuri. Mix well then form into a ball by using a plastic/cling wrap. For the mummy onigiri, I simply wrapped strips of white cheddar cheese around my rice ball and added nori for the eyes.