One of my girls has a collection of stuffed elephants. I got my inspiration for today’s bento from it, as I wanted to make something other than a bear or bunny in my kyaraben creations. After doing some research online, I was able to find an elephant onigiri that is really cute and is not that hard to make.

I still have some leftover sakura denbu from the my melody bento I made last week. That is what I used to give my elephant a nice pastel pink color.

To make, add sakura denbu to your cooked rice and mix until you get your desired color. Form three balls using a plastic wrap, one should be larger than the other two. To make ears, press the smaller shaped rice while still in the plastic wrap with your thumb to make an indent. Repeat with the other remaining rice ball. Get a pinch of rice and shape it into a small log to make the trunk.


To assemble, add nori eyes and carrot cheeks for the elephant’s face. Attach the trunk and ears.

My elephant bento with vegetable patties, gyoza, grape tomatoes and cucumber slices.