Beef Pepper Rice is one of the most popular dish served at Pepper Lunch. This is a Japanese fast food chain that allows customers to cook their own food on a special plate that can be heated to 500F in very little time. The meat and vegetables are then placed on these plates then served to the customer where they continue to cook. You are encouraged to mix everything up until the meat is done to your liking. Two kinds of special sauce are also offered to season your food.

My husband and I got to experience and eat at Pepper Lunch when we visited home last year. We thought it was really good and wanted to re-create the dish. I did not have that special plate to cook the meat on so I just bought a sizzling steak plate. I guessed the food will get cooked enough if I get really thin sliced meats. If you don’t have this you can cook your meat in a non-stick pan and just arrange everything on a warmed plate. I got the copycat recipe for Beef Pepper Rice on this site.

Honey Brown Sauce and Garlic Soy Sauce. I should have pureed my sauce in a blender but I was in a hurry since I made lunch really late.


Our Beef Pepper Rice lunch !


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