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Chicken Salad with Avocado and Cranberries

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I love how Paris Baguette make chicken salad sandwiches. It’s light and not overly dressed with mayonnaise. I took inspiration from them and added avocado to take it up a notch. I had leftover poached chicken from the soup I made last time so I used it to make this recipe.

First, dice your poached chicken breast and place in a bowl. To it add a stalk of celery finely diced, 1/2 of finely minced white onion, 1/4 cup dried cranberries, 1/4 cup Japanese mayonnaise (kewpie brand), 1 small avocado diced, salt and pepper to taste. Mix everything together. Toast some crusty bread in my case I used farmer’s bread from our local market. Serve between slices of your bread with some greens. Some thinly sliced cucumbers would be a nice addition to the greens for some crunch. You can also serve this on a bed of lettuce or arugula.