It’s the start of a new school year for us. This will be the last year I will be making school lunches for my girls. This is not a big deal for me since I have been doing it since they were 1st grade. They did not want to buy food at the cafeteria which they say is unpalatable and this way I am also assured that they eat healthy.

This year, I am making something new, Salad in a Jar ! The girls wanted something other than their usual sandwiches for lunch and this is what I suggested. I have seen these awhile back in pinterest but never got around to making it. You can actually make this the night before and keep it in the fridge for use the following morning.

First, get a mason jar and place a couple of tablespoons of dressing at the bottom of your jar. Then add your vegetables. Start with the hardy ones or those than won’t go limp and soggy right away (celery, cucumber, carrots, peppers etc). Then you can add some carbs like pasta or croutons. Next layer will be your protein (chicken, tuna, ham etc). The last layer will be your greens ( romaine, spinach, iceberg lettuce etc).

For my salad, I used grape tomatoes, persian cucumbers, mozzarella cheese, grilled chicken and green leaf lettuce. To serve, invert the jar with lid on to make sure that your salad will be coated with the dressing. You can either eat it straight out of the jar or tip it in bowl.

P.S. I did not add any dressing in my salad since my daughter requested that it be omitted from her lunch.