This recipe has been updated 1st February 2018

Tuna sandwich can be a hit or miss thing. The secret to making a great tuna sandwich is getting good quality tuna. I usually use canned albacore tuna, until I discovered this Korean brand at my favorite Asian store. It’s called Dongwon canned tuna. There are several varieties available and it was daunting at first to pick the right one, but after reading the labels and the ingredient list I chose the light standard. This tuna has a very pleasant and mild flavor one that does not leave a fishy taste in your mouth.


I also prefer to use Kewpie a Japanese brand mayonnaise. It has a different taste compared to American brands. It is thinner in texture but tangier or you could say has more “umami”


To make, drain your canned tuna and place in a bowl. Then add 2 hard boiled egg and mash this with a fork. Place 2-3 tablespoons of mayonnaise and mix to combine (you can add more if you want it to be more creamier, I like my spread to be on the dry side). Season to taste with salt and pepper. You can also add a couple of tablespoon of chopped persian cucumber to add some crunch.

Assemble by placing some arugula on a piece of toasted bread (I like to use a hearty multi grain bread for this) then generously scoop your tuna spread on top of the greens and top with other slice of bread. Slice your sandwich in half before serving.



This is an updated version of my tuna sandwich which I made the 1st of February 2018. Instead of multi-grain bread I used Japanese milk bread that has been lightly toasted and I just added slices of avocado on top of arugula before adding the tuna spread. It makes for a healthier and colorful looking lunch !