This is my second recipe for onigirazu. It is a type of onigiri that looks like a rice sandwich. It’s very quick and easy to prepare. For step by step instruction refer to my previous post. You can use whatever filling you like, tuna, ham, chicken, avocado etc.

For this recipe, start by making a sunny side up egg. Be sure to cook it over hard but if you prefer your eggs runny make it over easy. Then slice up some spam and cook it until crisped and brown and set aside. Wash and dry some greens, I used green leaf lettuce.


Get a piece of plastic wrap and lay a sheet of nori over it. Add a small scoop of rice on your nori and flatten a bit. Then layer your egg, spam and some lettuce leaf on top. Then cover this with another scoop of rice before wrapping it with nori like a parcel. Wrap it tightly with the plastic wrap for a few minutes to hold its shape. Then slice it in the middle seam side down and serve.

P.S. I made one with avocado slices and one without.