A healthy breakfast to start your day. I don’t even want to call this a recipe, more like assembling an open faced sandwich.

To make, slice some avocado and place it on top of your toast. How much you say truly depends on your preference. I suggest making use of whole grain or some kind of hearty bread for it does make a difference. Then heat a non-stick skillet and add a pat of butter or oil over medium heat. Then pour in 2 beaten eggs and when it begins to set gently pull it across the pan or towards the center with a wooden turner or heat resistant spatula. This will create large soft curds. Continue cooking by gently pulling and lifting the eggs until just set or 90% done. Remove from heat as this will still continue to cook in its residual heat. Doing this ensures a moist and fluffy scrambled egg. Place your eggs on top of your avocado and serve immediately. You may sprinkle your egg with salt and pepper or some hot sauce.