This a a creative way of dishing up Tapsilog. This combination of meat, egg and rice became so popular in the 80’s that several restaurants and take out counters sprouted all over the city serving only this. There are several possible combination of meat, egg and rice dishes you can come up with. Most popular would be tocino a sweet cured pork, longganisa which is a type of Filipio sausage and tapa which is cured beef. There are really no limits to what you can use fried chicken, bacon, hot dogs etc.

For my rice bowl, I used beef. This is not the traditional tapa that is used for tapsilog. I just marinated thin slices of chuck steak in soy, lemon, worcestershire sauce and pepper. Then I pan fried it until browned and crisp. Then I cooked the egg sunny side up and sliced up some tomatoes to make it a more balanced meal. Arrange all these over a bowl of rice and serve. You can have this for breakfast, lunch or dinner.