I am currently loving “seasoned tofu pockets” as you can see from my posts. It is ready to use or eat and you can do a lot of creative food presentations with it.

Instead of just filling the tofu pockets as you would in making inari sushi. I decided to make a treasure bag with it. I’ve seen others do something similar but they usually serve it in broth.

For this recipe you will need “kampyo” to tie the tofu pockets with. Kampyo are dried gourd strips, they need to be rehydrated before using. You can buy seasoned kampyo in packets which are ready to use at Japanese grocery stores. They are commonly used in sushi and as decoration in many Japanes dishes.



To make, carefully open a tofu pocket and fill it with sushi rice. You can also add various ingredients to your rice like nori, finely chopped meats or vegetables. Do not overfill as this would make it difficult for you to tie the tofu pockets close and cause it to rip or tear. Gather the tops and use the kampyo to make a knot to close, it’s as easy as that.