When we planned our trip to California this Summer, I made sure to include in our itinerary a visit to Daiso and Marukai. Daiso is like a Japanese dollar store. We don’t have this here in the East coast and I have always wanted to go and visit ever since I learned of the cool and inexpensive things you can get here. The main reason why I wanted to go was to source for bento accessories and containers. I was beyond excited when I saw the stuff that they have on display. I was able to get food tweezers, cutting knife, several bento food cups, bento box, small wooden spoons/utensils, egg mold and bento baran food dividers.




What I wasn’t expecting to find are a variety of Japanese made bowls, dishes and serving platters you can imagine. I can’t believe that everything only cost $1.50 except for certain items that are priced as marked. No worries because the most expensive item I paid for is $3.00 . I went on a shopping spree since these items cost 2, 3 or even 5 times more here in the East. Most of their products are Japanese made but there are items that are made in China so make sure to check your purchases.





Marukai which is a Japanese grocery store much like Mitsuwa even has wider array of Japanese wares on display. Most of their dishes are “Made in Japan” and I made sure to double check each piece I got. They have donburi and ramen bowls which I have been on a look out for a time now. The one’s I got (courtesy of my cousin) were on sale for only $2.50 each which is really a bargain. If I had enough space in my luggage I would have bought a lot more.

photo 2