Zaru Soba is a Japanese noodle dish that is typically served cold. We love to have this for either lunch or dinner during these hot and humid Summer days. It is a welcome change from either the cold sandwiches or salads that we usually have.


Zaru Soba is made up of buckwheat. They are usually served in a bamboo draining tray called Zaru. I have seen some restaurants even serve Zaru Soba on a bed of ice. They are eaten with a dipping sauce “Tsuyu” which is a mixture of dashi (Japanese cooking/soup stock), soy sauce and mirin (sweet cooking rice wine). There bottled ready to use “tsuyu” available in most Asian stores, so you don’t have to make it your own.


Finely chopped green onions and wasabi are usually added to the tsuyu. Nori strips are placed on top of the soba as garnish. My family likes to add Furikake and sesame seeds to the soba for added crunch and flavor.


To make, cook the Zaru soba noodles according to package directions. Plate it on a bamboo tray, garnish with nori and set aside. Finely chop a couple of green onions and place in small plates. Pour ready made “Tsuyu” which can be brought at any Asian store in individual bowls. To eat, add green onions and wasabi (if you prefer) to your “Tsuyu”. Take a small amount of soba with your chopsticks and dip it in your tsuyu bowl. Enjoy !