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Tortang Talong II (Eggplant Omelet)

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This is just an updated version of a blog I made on Tortang Talong four years ago.

For best results I recommend that you use an Asian/Chinese eggplant. It is slender and elongated in shape and has a more delicate flavor and thinner skin compared to the American ones.


First, you need to grill or broil your eggplants. You can do this on top of your stove if it is gas, or inside the oven or outside grill. The purpose is to soften the eggplant and to make it easy to peel off the skin. Wash and dry your eggplants. Then lay it on top of a grill mesh specifically made for stove top use. Let the skin blacken all over. When cool enough to handle peel of the skin. Then flatten the flesh using a fork creating an oval shape.


Beat 3 eggs in a shallow rimmed plate wide enough to fit your eggplant. Season the eggs with salt and pepper. Then dip your eggplants making sure to coat both sides.


Get a non-stick pan and heat 2-3 tablespoon olive oil or any neutral oil until hot. Carefullly slide in your eggplant. Cook until brown on both sides. You can also stuff your eggplant with some cooked ground meat of your choice. For this I just added some corned beef has which was leftover from breakfast. Just place on top of the eggplant and scoop some beaten eggs on top. Slide into pan stuffed side up, when it’s brown on the bottom carefully flip it and continue cooking until brown and a bit crisp on the other side.



We like to eat this with rice and a dipping sauce of ketchup or in our case Filipino Banana ketchup.