I love going to Farm Markets, it’s exciting to see produce available for the season. Seeing all the fresh vegetables, fruits, bread and meat gives me such a high and enthusiasm to run back to my kitchen and just cook or create something.


I always make it a point to visit the world famous Union Square Market everytime we visit the city. I was there for a weekend get away with the husband and being a Saturday I knew there would be more vendors and selections to choose from. That day, I was there on a mission to find the elusive zucchini blossoms I have been hunting for since the beginning of Summer. I made a quick round first to see what is on offer and the dizzying array and colors of what is in season just blew my mind.

The different colored carrots and beets and even radishes !!! Eggplants, tomatoes, squashes and more ….



I wanted to buy everything in sight, but alas I can’t since I was there for a vacation and can’t store fresh produce in my hotel room and was not prepared to lug back pounds of produce to Penn Station.



I almost gave up and missed the vendor selling the zucchini blossoms. I was already on my way out when I happen to glance at a cooler not really knowing what it was at first. But upon close inspection there they were, stacks of it neatly arranged on plastic containers. I was over joyed on my find and stopped myself from buying more than I need. In my excitement I forgot to take photos of it at the market.

Here is the package I got sitting at my kitchen awaiting my next adventure in the kitchen.