Filipinos love their lumpia and our family is no exception. There are several kinds of lumpia that we have in the Philippines and I have featured some of it in this blog – lumpiang shanghai, lumpiang gulay (fried and fresh) and tuna lumpia. You can actually wrap anything that you can think of be it savory or sweet.

Dynamite lumpia is sweet peppers spring roll. They call it dynamite because of it’s shape and form and it’s explosive flavor being spicy hot. In the Philippines they use green finger chilis or siling haba in Tagalog. This has a milder flavor compared to other varieties of pepper. For this recipe I used Shishito peppers. This variety of pepper is usually used in Japanese cuisine most often in yakitori. When grilled it has a sweet mild flavor, hence the reason why I chose to use this for my dynamite lumpia.



To make, wash and pat dry your shishito peppers with paper towels. Make a vertical slit along the side of the pepper and stuff with your choice of cheese (I used gouda). Then tightly wrap with spring roll wrapper. I used the technique in wrapping firecrackers shrimps. For step by step guide visit this site. Then deep fry your lumpia until golden brown. For the dipping sauce, I just combined some mayo and sriracha ketchup.



This is a perfect appetizer or cocktail snack.