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Korean BBQ at Home

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We love going to our local Korean BBQ restaurant. It’s one of our favorite go to place on our Fridates. It’s just a bit pricy specially if you go on Friday nights and weekends. Korean BBQ places allow you to grill your food at your own table. They not only provide a wide selection of meats and vegetables but various side dishes as well.

My uncle recently gifted me with a Saladmaster electric smokeless indoor grill. I got really excited because I can now have a “DIY” Korean BBQ at home. Come weekend I shopped for all the ingredients I will need for my BBQ. First on the list were the vegetables, I chose our favorites – zucchini, white mushrooms and eggplant. I also got some spring onions and lettuce leaves which they always serve with the meats at the restaurant. Oh, I forgot to get pickled radish.






There are a variety of thinly sliced meats you can choose from at our local Asian store (H-Mart). I got the marinated Beef Ribeye Roll and a pack of Pork Belly.


You must also have Banchan to complete the experience, literally translated it means side dishes in Korean. They are served in small portions and are meant to be shared family style. I got an assortment – soy bean sprouts, gobi (fernbrake) and spinach. I also got a package of crabmeat pancake. You can buy these pre-made at the Asian store.



The grill did not really take a long time to heat. The temperature is not that high though compared to the gas grill at Korean BBQ places. This did not really affect the taste and outcome of the food, it just takes a little bit longer to cook.