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Ala Yakisoba Pan

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Yakisoba pan is a popular convenience store food in Japan. You can also get these at bakeries and food stalls during festivals. It is just Yakisoba (stir fried noodle dish) sandwiched in between a roll. I must say though that the Japanese does not a have sole claim on this. Filipinos have been doing this as well as far as I can remember. We have different kinds of pancit (noodles) and I have always eaten mine with either pandesal, sliced bread, steamed bun and even rice with it. Filipinos commonly sandwich their pancit in between pandesal or monay but it’s not just sold or marketed this way. It’s just something you do and eat at home.

One night I served pancit canton for dinner and it dawned on me that this is very much similar to Yakisoba. I ate mine with my some steamed white rice but the rest of the family had it with bread. I suggested to one of my girls to get a hotdog bun and place sone noodles in between like a Yakisoba pan. This is how I came up with this dish.


To make, just heap some pancit canton in between a hotdog bun. Recipe for pancit canton can be found here. You can also use brioche rolls or any type of bread that you like.