The first time I had “Nori Fries” was in Manila when I went home for a visit late last year. We ate at Jipan a Japanese cafe/bakery and it was served with the sandwich I ordered. From the moment I tasted I knew I have to recreate it at home.

My family loves nori and we always have some in our pantry. For this recipe I used “Aji Nori Furikake”. Furikake is a kind of Japanese condiment usually sprinkled on top of rice. It is made up of chopped seaweed, sesame seed, dried fish, sugar and salt.


There are different varieties or flavors you can get in the market these days. I was introduced to furikake in high school when I became an exchange student to Japan. My host family have this at their dining table and my foster sister and brother would always put some on their rice. Furikake is also a staple in our pantry as I would sometimes use this for my girls bento and in my onigiri.

To make, get a bag of frozen french fries and cook according to package directions. I baked mine since I don’t like deep frying. Baking the fries only took 12-15 minutes.


Then while the fries are still hot sprinkle some salt and furikake and toss everything to coat. You can serve it with a combination of mayo and ketchup dipping sauce.