Koimo is a Korean sweet potato. I always see an abundance of these during the fall and winter months at my favorite Asian Store. They are smaller in size compared to the yams and sweet potatoes sold here in North America. I believe that roasted sweet potato is favorite snack or street food in Japan and Korea. In the Philippines, camote which is sweet potato in Tagalog is also a popular snack often boiled or deep fried with a coating of brown sugar.

During my weekly trip to the grocery store, I finally bought some to try at home with the intention of roasting it. I just wanted to see for myself how it taste like compared to their North American counterpart.

I scrubbed the sweet potatoes under running water and pat them dry with paper towels. I then placed it in a baking sheet and baked it in a 400F oven for about 30 minutes. You can test for doneness when a toothpick inserted offers no resistance or it has a slight give when pinched.

When done they were the sweetest I have ever tasted and is like having caramelized sweet potatoes. This will be a family favorite for sure.