This ginger cat bento is made of Inari sushi. I have already made a bento making use of Inari sushi in a previous post. This ingredient is so versatile that you can create different kyarabens from it.

For this, I used the canned Inari sushi. Simply drain and pat dry 2 pieces of the Inari sushi or tofu pockets. Then fill pockets with steamed white rice and set aside. I did not add any seasonings to the rice since I am adding meat and veggies to the bento. Make sure not to pack the rice too tightly to prevent tearing.



Make cut outs from cheese and nori to make the cats eyes, nose and whiskers. Arrange the cut pieces to create the face.  I placed the Inari cat sushi on a bed of greens. I then added turkey sausage patties, sliced tomatoes, green peas and carrots to create this kyaraben.