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Avodogs (Hot Dogs with Avocado)

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So the family has decided we are having hot dogs for Memorial Day dinner. I bought the necessary supplies buns, hotdogs, dill pickles, yellow mustard and chips. I was thinking of making just the classic dog.

But the day before, I had an idea of adding avocado to the hot dogs to make it somewhat healthier. I love avocados and felt it would give it a new twist to the American classic.

For the avocado topping, mash an avocado and squeeze half a lime. Season with salt.

To make, take a pan and add enough water and let it come to a boil. Then drop in your hotdogs and let it simmer for 3-4 minutes. Then take it out and transfer to a pan lightly coated with oil. Fry until evenly browned or if your prefer a bit blistered.
Using a tong, take your hot dogs and place in between the buns. Place big spoonful of the smashed avocado on top of your hot dogs and add some diced tomotoes that has been seeded.

Serve with a side of chips.


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