This is one of the easiest and fuss free dinner recipes out there if you are in a hurry. I got this from my dad, he used to make this for us when I was I teen. He loves to tinker in the kitchen sometimes and create unexpected goodies.

I made this for dinner the other night. To make you will need 1 can mackerel in water, 1 small onion, 2 eggs, salt and pepper and some parsley or whatever herbs you have in hand is fine.

First, drain your mackerel, remove the bones and place it in a bowl. Then to it add your minced onion, eggs, salt and pepper about 1/2 tsp each, and 1 tsp parsley. I used dried because that was what I had. Fresh herbs is better. Mix everything to combine.

Heat a non-stick pan with about 4 tbsp. oil. When it’s hot enough drop a heaping tablespoon of your mackerel mixture on the pan and flatten it a bit with a fork. Let it cook until brown and crisp then flip and cook the other side. Drain on paper towels and repeat with the remaining mixture.

I served this with a dipping sauce of mayonnaise and ketchup, but I find that sweet chili sauce (the one’s you get in bottles) works well too.