This is a healthy alternative for those who love tonkatsu (deep fried pork cutlet). Tofu is a great substitute for meat since it’s high in protein. Make sure to use firm tofu since it has a meatier texture and will hold it’s shape when fried.

First, prepare your tofu by draining and placing it over several sheets of paper towel. Then place another layer of paper towel on your tofu before placing a weight on it to remove excess liquid. I usually use a small plate with a can soup on it.
Let tofu drain for about 30 minutes. Then slice into your desired shape.

Place the following in 3 separate bowls : seasoned flour (I just added salt and pepper), beaten egg and panko. Dredge your tofu in those following that order.

Fry your tofu in about 1/2 cup oil. Tofu is done when it becomes crips and golden brown. This will only take a few minutes so make sure to watch it. Drain in paper towels and set aside.

For this recipe I just used pre-made curry that you can get in any Asian grocer. I used the House brand. It’s ready to eat and all you need to do is heat it in a microwave or stove top.


To serve place some cooked rice on one side of your plate, then your curry on the other. Top this with several slices of your fried tofu. I used half white and half brown rice by the way.