In the Philippines when you say corned beef it goes without saying that they meant the canned variety. The cured beef brisket that is either fresh or ready to eat slices sold in delis is not widely available when I was growing up.

Canned corned beef was probably one of those staples brought by US soldiers to the country during WWII or even during the American occupation. It has become a staple in Filipino households and is usually served for breakfast and eaten with rice. There are several brands of corned beef available in the market, the brand I grew up with was “Purefoods“.

American brand canned corned beef is very different from those sold back home. The US made ones is minced and quite salty and breaks down when sautéed. There are those made in Brazil and Australia but I find those too greasy, it’s meat is shredded not ground which gives it more texture.

While shopping at our local Asian grocer I spotted a Philippine brand Corned beef which really got me excited. I didn’t realize that it was Made in USA until I got home. The can says “longer shreds” though which characterizes Philippine made ones.


I prepared the canned corned beef by sautéing it in a little oil with garlic and onions. Once the vegetables are softened I added the corned beef and cook until warmed through. I usually add a dash of ground pepper and a bit of water if it appears too dry.

I like this brand because it’s the closest to what I remember having back home. It has a good texture and flavor and is not as salty.


To serve, slice your pandesal and stuff it with corned beef. This also goes well with garlic rice and a sunny side egg.