This dish was created by a chef from a famous Filipino restaurant in the Philippines. She wanted to give a modern twist to a very popular and traditional dish Sinigang. Sinigang is a soup flavored with a souring agent. The most commonly used is tamarind. For those unfamiliar with this dish it is comparable to the Thai dish Tom Yum soup.

I have posted a recipe for fish sinigang earlier this year. I wanted to re-create this dish after reading much about it on the internet. You can get corned beef at most grocery stores specially now because of St Patrick’s Day. I usually make corned beef and cabbage this time of the year and I serve it the traditional way.

This time around I am preparing my corned beef the with a Filipino twist. I took a slab of corned beef, rinsed it and place it in a big stock pot and covered it with water. When the water comes to a boil. Take out the meat and throw away the water (I do this to make sure that the meat is not too salty when done). Rinse your pot and add fresh water and your meat and let it cook for about 1.5 to 2 hours until meat is tender.


Meanwhile prepare your vegetables. Chop one medium size onion and 2 plum tomatoes. Wash a bundle of spinach and cut into portions if necessary. Rinse and cut your yard beans into 2 inch lengths, wash and peel 1 small asian radish and cut into rounds. Do the same with your asian eggplant. Last rinse and cut off the tips of your okra and set aside.



To make the broth, I thawed and washed my tamarind and placed it in a saucepan with just enough water to cover it. I let it come to a boil and smashed it with the back of the spoon to release its juices and pulp. Strain the liquid and extract as much juice from it as possible. Set aside.





Take another pot and place about 4-5 cups of water, then add your tomatoes and onion. Once it comes to a boil add your tamarind extract. I found that the tamarind juice was not enough to make my broth sour and flavorful probably because it was frozen, so I added a packet of tamarind mix. Add your cooked sliced corned beef and vegetables starting with the longest to cook . Season with fish sauce if desired. Do not overcook the vegetables. Serve with steamed rice.