You can make a no fuss bento lunch in ten minutes, if you have the right ingredients available and ready. I was already thinking about what to prepare for my husband’s bento the night before since I know I will have very little time in the morning. I have an early appointment to keep and I still have to drop of one of my girls at school for her SAT review.

I was going over in my mind what I have available in the fridge that will require little to no prepping at all. There were still some leftover steamed chicken buns, all I have to do was work on what I can add to it. I suddenly remembered I just bought a pack of frozen spring onion pancake ! This was how my dim sum bento came about.

I just microwaved two mini steamed chicken buns for 20 seconds. Took the frozen spring onion pancake and cooked it an oiled non-stick pan for a few minutes. While that was cooking, boiled a pan of water to cook my edamame. When the spring onion pancake was done, I cut it into small triangles and let it cool a bit. By that time my water was already boiling so I dropped the frozen edamame and let it cook for 5 minutes. Last step was just assembling everything in my bento box.