When my nephew and his girlfriend came to visit us last month, they first made a quick stop at a Filipino Restaurant cum grocery store in South Jersey. While there they asked if they can get anything for me and sent me photos of their selections. I immediately spotted a small container of fried danggit and this is one of the goodies they gave us.


Cebu is known for dried danggit, and it is where I had it for the first time. I remember I ordered it for room service at non-other than Shangri-La Mactan, Cebu, during our honeymoon. We rarely eat this since one has a funky smell when you cook it, and I hate having my house smell of dried fish. Two, finding it here in my neck of the woods is not easy. So this, for me, is a treat.

I served it for breakfast the next day with garlic fried rice and sunny side egg.