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Crispy Anchovies Over Rice (Dilis Rice)

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Anchovies or Dilis in Tagalog are usually sold dried. Dried anchovies are widely used in Asia, in Japan and Korea they are used to make stock and as savory snack or appetizer. Southeast Asians on the other hand usually fry these in a little oil until golden brown and crisp. It is commonly eaten with rice but each country in the Southeast has it’s own unique way of serving it.

Malaysia and Singapore has Nasi Lemak a traditional breakfast of rice, sambal, dried anchovies and boiled or fried egg. Indonesia has Nasi Goreng which means fried rice but they have a version with anchovies on it. In the Philippines, Dilis or Dried Anchovies is a typical breakfast fare served with garlic rice and sunny side egg.

To make my Dilis Rice, I heated a non stick pan and added about 1-2 tbsp of vegetable oil. Then placed about a handful of small dried anchovies. I let this cook over medium heat until golden brown and crisp. Make sure to watch it as the small anchovies tend to cook fast and can burn which will make it bitter.

To serve, place your cooked white rice on a plate and top this with some egg crepe strips. Then liberally sprinkle your anchovies on top of your egg. Serve with a couple of tomato slices and chopped cilantro.