It’s no secret that we are such Harry Potter fans. I have read the book since it’s initial release way back in the late 90’s and have even attended a couple of midnight book release at Barnes and Noble. My girls started reading these in grade school and have read the entire series more than once.

My daughter decided to make a cake to commemorate Harry’s birthday which is the 31st of July. This is a replica of the cake Hagrid baked in the first book “The Sorcerer’s Stone”. We made sure to scour for the best chocolate cake recipe since it’s going to be the base of the cake. We didn’t like it too sweet nor too sticky.

For the chocolate cake, I used this recipe I found online. It makes for a three layer cake but I only made two thick layer ones. You can just make adjustments to the amount of batter you use in your pan if you want to stick to a two layer cake. The excess can be made into cupcakes.

I used this recipe for the chocolate filling and cake frosting. The filling was really great, but I find the frosting too sweet for my liking. Make sure to totally cool your cake before you start decorating or else your frosting will melt and you will end up with puddles on your cake stand.

My daughter really enjoyed piping out the Happy Birthday greeting on top of the cake. It turned out pretty well considering it’s her first time.

The cake turned out great, it gives a perfect slice without crumbs falling all over and remains moist even after refrigeration. This is now our favorite chocolate cake.