I just learned about this restaurant while searching for places to eat in East Village. This is a franchise based in Japan and is known as a “standing restaurant”, meaning they don’t have chairs and customers stand while having their meal. It makes for a unique dining experience as you get to interact more with other patrons and gives you a more communal vibe. However, they now offer limited seating for those who prefer to dine that way.



There is a system in eating at this restaurant, First you go up the counter and chose your cut of meat and how much you want. They weigh and cut it right in front of you. They recommend ordering your steak rare to fully taste and appreciate the flavor of the meat. You have a choice of prime rib, sirloin, filet and assorted steak. It comes with a side of corn but you can choose from other side vegetables such as broccoli, beans, potato and onion. Your steak will be brought to your table and you can choose to add any of the several sauces available in front of you.


We chose prime rib and sirloin and just got 10 oz each which is more than enough for us. I had the side of beans while husband chose corn.



The meat was really tender and flavorful and was I able to polish off my plate.

There are also other side other sides and drinks available for you to order. We got a cup of clear beef broth soup since it was a rainy day and garlic pepper rice which I highly recommend. It comes in a sizzling platter surrounded by steak pieces and topped by corn. You are to mix everything together once it arrives at your table. We loved the rice and you can eat it alone since it is like a very flavorful and filling fried rice. This reminded me of pepper lunch, the difference is that this is meant as a side and not a meal itself


This is probably one of the best steaks we have ever have and will surely come back.