Papaya is a regular item seen on our breakfast table. This was when I was a child living in the Philippines. Being in the tropics this is almost always available throughout the year.

Nowadays, even if you are no where near the tropics it is relatively easy to find ripe papaya. Asian or Ethnic groceries usually carry these in their produce section.

My dad has his own way of eating papaya, it’s always with a squeeze of calamansi and a sprinkling of sugar. As a child I didn’t really appreciate his method. I prefer mine scooped onto a bowl with milk and sugar added.

IMG_3592 2


Now that I am an adult, I can now fully appreciate the taste of the sweetness of papaya combined with the tartness of calamansi or lemon. It brightens the taste of the fruit immensely. Simply cut the papaya and scoop out the seeds. Liberally squeeze lemon juice on your papaya and sprinkle with some sugar. Likewise, you can add the lemon and sugar directly on the papaya wedge. I love to eat my papaya chilled so I let this sit in the fridge for a couple of hours before cutting and serving.