If you like California roll, this salad is definitely for you. It has the same basic ingredients which are: mango, cucumber and kani (crabmeat).

First, peel 2 medium sized cucumber and cut into julienne strips. I got this cool gadget from pampered chef which made my task a lot easier. It’s called the julienne peeler. Just scrape the whole length of your cucumber with it and stop when you reach the seeds in the center. Place the julienned strips of cucumber in a bowl. Next get 5-6 pieces of kani sticks or imitation crabmeat and separate it into thin strips. Set aside.



Get a ripe Ataulfo or Champagne mango. Make sure you get this variety and not the Tommy Atkins mango which has a red and green skin because its flesh tends to be tough and not that sweet. Wash and peel the skin off your mango and cut the flesh into thin strips.


Combine your cucumber, crabmeat sticks and mango in bowl and add a couple of tablespoons of Japanese Mayonnaise. Gently fold your ingredients together until everything is coated with your mayo. Place your salad in a bed of lettuce and serve immediately. As an option you may garnish your salad with nori strips or tobiko.