Locavore is restaurant that showcase Filipino classic dishes that is given a new twist. They source local ingredients from around the country and try to get the freshest possible. We were able to dine at this restaurant when close friends of our invited us for dinner here. This is located at Forbestown in BGC just a walk away from the place we were staying. They have several locations in Manila and have been in business for several years now.

I love how the restaurant is decorated, in wood tones and with nice ambient lighting. The menu is quite extensive, from appetizers, mains, desserts and they also offer breakfast and merienda all day.

We made the following selections:

Sizzling Sinigang one of the dishes they are famous for, lived up to it’s name. They serve this in a sizzling platter where thick sour sinigang gravy is poured over tender pieces of meat. I just love how the vegetables remain crisp because of how they plate it. It’s also interesting that the only kind of greens added are french beans.


Mac’s Boneless Fried Chicken was well seasoned and came with it’s own special sauce on the side.


Dinuguang Lechon was an interesting mix of lechon belly, roasted garlic and tomatoes and some pork cracklin (chicharron) on top. I just took a spoonful of this since it’s too rich and flavorful for my taste.


Pakbet Ratatoulle is my favorite dish of all, it’s a mix of different veggies such as sigarilyas, squash, okra, eggplant among others. Flavor was great, I would have enjoyed it more if the vegetables were cut a little bigger and not diced.


Fried Oyster Sisig is a clever take on sisig where pork cheeks and jowls are commonly used. Here the oysters are breaded and fried and comes with garlic aioli.


We ate these with garlic and plain rice. Wish we were able to dine a second time before leaving Manila. I would have love to try out their silog and brunch offerings.