I was first introduced to this kind of rice at our favorite Korean Barbecue restaurant. This is always included in their buffet selection. I initially thought it was just red rice but after giving it a taste, I found out it is a blend of various grains.

The Korean food store where I frequently shop carries different brands of mix grain rice. They call it Jab Gok Bap. Some brands have very complicated cooking directions that requires a pressure rice cooker while others require soaking the grains overnight. After looking through the various brands they have, I finally decided on this. It is a mix of 6 types of grains; black rice, purple barley, hulless barley, rye berries, red rice and short grain brown rice.



The cooking directions is fairly simple. First measure 1 cup (I used the cup measure of my rice cooker) of mix grain and rinse lightly then drain. Place your mix grain rice in a saucepan or pot then add 1 1/2 cups water (again using the cup measure of my rice cooker) and let this soak for 30 minutes. Then cover the pot tightly and bring to a boil, reduce heat to a simmer and let this cook for around 40 minutes or until water is absorbed. Then let stand covered for 15 minutes. When done fluff your rice with a fork.

This is a very good alternative for white rice. It is very filling and loaded with fiber and nutrients.