Nanbantei is a Japanese franchise specializing in “yakitori” which are grilled meat on skewers. They have several locations in Asia and have been in the Philippines since 1998. My brother in law (youngest sister’s husband) first brought us here way back in 2006 when we first came to visit the Philippines since moving to the Northeast. We really enjoyed the food here and the ambiance. This seems to be a favorite of my family since we always have a meal here everytime we visit.



This entry was during my visit September 2019, this time it was my eldest sister who brought me here.

As I have mentioned they offer various yakitori dishes. Though their menu is not limited to these, they have rice bowls, sushi, sashimi and other specialty items as well. Once seated they will give you complimentary “namayasai” which are fresh vegetable sticks served chilled. This comes with their special sauce made of miso and other spices. I really love this simple yet flavorful appetizer. I wasn’t able to take a photo of it though.

My nephew and I both had the “Tonkatsu Rice Bowl”, my other nephew got California roll while my brother in law had the grilled salmon head.




Then we had Surf and Turf Platter to share , this includes beef with garlic, skewered shrimp, pork with asparagus, potato with bacon, salmon balls with teriyaki sauce and corn. I recommend that you order the platter to share instead of getting it per stick if you are eating with a group so you can have a sample of everything. For the more adventurous they have grilled chicken liver, gizzard and skin like those found in typical yakitori places in Tokyo.




Their portions is just right and enough for you , remember this is Asia where serving size is not humongous like in a typical American restaurant.