O-nigirazu is a kind of onigiri (rice ball) that has been gaining popularity and is trending in social media in Japan the past few months. Traditional onigiri is rice that is shaped by hand into triangles or balls and are filled with some kind of meat or vegetable. It is also wrapped in seaweed (nori). Onigiri was derived from the word “nigiri” meaning to hold or clasp in one’s hand. As implied it is how rice balls are made by molding or holding it in your hand. O-nigirazu which literally means non-nigiri however is the “simple or easy” version of onigiri. You don’t shape it in the traditional way nor get your hands dirty and sticky in the process. You can liken it to a rice sandwich as it is prepared and eaten in a similar manner. This is a perfect recipe for those new or intimidated to making onigiri

To make you will need 1 sheet of nori, about 1/2 – 3/4 cup cooked white rice, filling (which can be any meat of your choice) vegetables (like lettuce leaves, avocado and tomato slices) and a sheet of cling wrap.

Take your nori and lay it on top of your cling wrap. Place 1/2 a cup of rice in the center of nori and spread thin making sure not to get too close to it’s edges.


Then lay your filling (I used chives and seafood pancake) on top of your rice followed by your choice of vegetable (arugula).


Top all this with your remaining 1/4 cup of rice.


Gather the edges of your nori in the middle like what you would do when wrapping a package. Press tightly to seal. Slice your nori parcel in the middle and serve.