I have tried many different recipes for bolognese sauce but have never found something I genuinely love. It always seems to have something lacking. Maybe most recipes I follow don’t allow it to cook long enough since I have opted for the easier method.

This recipe takes about 2 hours to cook, so make sure to consider that when you decide to make this for dinner. The directions are very straightforward, and it uses simple ingredients. This is not my own, by the way, but adapted from this site.


The type of pasta you need to use is also crucial; for authentic bolognese pasta you will need a wide flat pasta like pappardelle or tagliatelle. It would be best if you had a strong pasta with a large surface area that can carry a heavy sauce like bolognese. But if you can’t find any fettucine or spaghetti will do. The only change I made was to use Beef bouillon diluted in water since I didn’t have any Beef broth and added the required amount of liquid.


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