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Pate Sandwich

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My love for duck liver pate is mainly due to my dad. He was the one who introduced me to this delicacy. My dad being an executive would receive yearly Christmas gift baskets from Manila Peninsula and the Mandarin Oriental and it would include a ceramic pot of duck liver pate. In the beginning I was put off with the smell but after some coaxing I was able to get pass it and was hooked. As a teen I remember eating this with some crusty farmer’s or sourdough bread for a snack throughout the holiday season.

I have passed down this love and taste for pate to my own girls. I always include pate in our New Year’s eve spread and we love getting the pate sandwich from Maison Kayser at their grab and go location. This can be quite pricey so I try to make it at home once in awhile. I discovered the brand Les Trois Petits Cochons™ – The Three Little Pigs/Pates several years ago at Wegmans. This is the only brand I buy since it’s the closest in taste to the pate I grew up with.

A couple of weeks ago I made this Pate sandwich for lunch. It’s such a simple yet decadent dish. To make slice some hearty bread and toast it. Then spread a generous amount of pate on your bread and serve with some cornichons.