I discovered the Danish bakery Ole & Steen February 2019. They just opened their first store location in Union Square January of that same year. Upon a friend’s recommendation (who is Danish by the way) I bought their traditional Carrot Rye Bread. She said it’s best eaten just with good quality butter and no need to toast it.
I followed her advise but I also looked for other ways to serve it. This is where I learned about the Danish open faced sandwich, Smørrebrød.



Believe it or not I love bread more than rice which is unusual me being Asian. I am really into bread may it be sweet or savory. I am used to eating sandwiches for lunch back home, and I remember people would always comment on my choice and preference. So I was fascinated when I saw pictures of the Dane’s contribution to the world of gastronomy. They are too pretty to eat and almost look like an art form. This got my creative juices working overtime and this flavor combination is what I came up with. It may not be as authentic because I read that there are rules and ways to make it.


I made three kinds: the first is good quality butter and quartered hard boiled egg with thinly sliced radishes sprinkled with micro greens.


The second is cream cheese with bottled Spanish sardines topped with arugula. The last is slices of avocado and smoke salmon garnished with radish and creme fraiche.

Don’t be deceived by the size and portion of the sandwich, it’s very filling that one is more than enough for me.