This is my go-to recipe for steamed mussels. It’s from the Foodnetwork channel by Tyler Florence. I’ve been making these for the past decade, and I still remember when I first made them. It was when I bought a bag the mussels from Costco. Remember when they were still selling fresh seafood on the weekends, their bagged mussels are usually a steal, so I almost always grab some whenever I can.

The recipe calls for wine, but my kids were too young then, so I omitted it, and the dish still turned out great. I followed this recipe but instead of chicken broth, I used chicken bouillon and added 1 cup of water.

This time I followed the recipe to a tee. It’s not a classic mussels meuniere, but this is somewhat similar. I love how all the ingredients complement each other.

I served this with a baguette and a bottle of wine. A side salad would also be wonderful addition to complete the meal.