I make it a point to get Jersey corn at our town’s Farmer’s Market during the Summer. They simply are the sweetest corn ever. It’s also not that expensive at 6 for $3.75 . I don’t do anything fancy with it. I usually just boil or grill them.


I just discovered that you can grill corn on your stove top. This made it a lot easy for me since I have avoided using our outdoor grill lately, simply because I cannot stand the heat and humidity we have been having.



Remove the husk and silk from your corn and give it a quick rinse. Dry with paper towels. Place a wire mesh or rack on top of your gas stove/burner and turn the heat to low. (Note:If you don’t have a wire mesh/rack just wrap your corn in foil). Place your corn on top and grill it by turning occasionally until charred and cooked through. This will take about 8-10 minutes. Remove from heat and brush with butter. Serve immediately.